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Rock N Rare Show 002

Check Out the Rock N Rare Show with host Jim LaRocke. Where you don't hear the same song twice.

cHECK oUT tHE rOCK n rARE sHOW here

RadioGAMZ is Everything Rock!

Bringing you those rock gems you spend a lifetime looking for with host Jim LaRocke.  Each show is a whole new set of songs.  Never hear the same song twice.

LaRocke Xpress - Disarray

New Videos Uploaded On Jim LaRocke's YouTube Channel.

Embrace Your Passion

I always wanted to be a voice on the radio.  Was a board opp on an AM station in Vegas and helped run a friend's internet station for a few years.  Then got a rock show on an internet station in Indiana until the funding ended.  I then decided to start my own internet station.  I broadcasted for a year and then shut it down due to life tragedies and a move.  Fast forward a couple years later and here we are at it again. 

Life is a Song

I have always had an interest in music production. I write lyrics and produce  songs in my home studio.  Forever learning, forever seeking ideas and insperation.  Had a DJ business with my best friend for years.  Been a sound engineer for churches and events since 1996.  Developed an ear for proper building acoustics and studio sound dynamics.   

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make music that takes you to a new atmosphere or place.  To take the listener on a journey.  I hear a sound and inspiration hits.  Collaborations are always welcome.  Two heads are definitely more interesting than one.  But in spite any efforts to create something, the music inevitably takes a life all its own.  And the end result is always exciting to discover.


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